Dreamed Of Dialing 911

The Dream

“I regularly dream that I have to call 911 or my parents for help.  Perhaps, it’s because I’m paranoid and pessimistic.  Anyway, my most recent dream was about me and my fiancée.  We inherited a huge mansion from someone we didn’t know, but decided to keep it (we are having some trouble finding a place of our own).

Night fell fast and soon we were stuck in the mansion.  That’s when things started to get creepy. The house transformed into my current home and the ghost of the owner was talking to me through the basement door.

I picked up my cellphone and started to dial my parent’s, but damn! No signal. So next I picked up the phone hanging from the wall and got through, but nobody could hear me on the other end. So next I picked up the…banana phone (wtf??) and was relieved to hear my mom’s voice as I desperately admitted to her “I want dad to come pick us up right now! I’m scared!”

Being pregnant must give you really crazy dreams.”

The Interpretation

Dialing 911 in a dream is a reflection of you how urgently you want something in your life to go away.  A waking life situation that is really unpleasant or emotionally dangerous to you.  You  may even feel threatened by embarrassment or jealousy.  If you are pregnant in real life this need to call 911 or your parents may reflect the your heightened sense of fear for the child as it’s developing.  If the 911 symbolism is recurring it may be a sign that you need to try harder to make more fundamental change in your life to avoid recurring last minute worries.

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