What Is The Best Book On Dream Interpretation?

The Question

“Can you tell me what the best book on dream interpretation is?”

The Response

The best books you will ever find on dream interpretation are by Gillian Holloway Ph.D.  Her work should be the foundation of everything you study in dream interpretation so that you get a really good basic understanding of symbolism and how it applies to real life. Her work is based on years of surveys, research, and leading dream groups. On top of this she has a Ph.D. in psychology.

There’s no guessing with her books and her insights are probably the most accurate you will ever find (besides our site, wink wink) because they come from studying patterns in real people’s lives.

She has two really good books that are great for beginning to see dreams a metaphors for real life emotional situations.

The Complete Dream Book
Erotic Dreams: The Secrets To Understanding Women’s Passions

The first book, “The Complete Dream Book” will help to give you a good basic understanding of the most common symbols. The second book “Erotic Dreams” will help you to learn to see dreams as a story metaphor as it applies to real life.

While not every dream can be perfectly interpreted, professionals who utilize surveys and speak to real people about what they are experiencing in their lives at the time of their dreams are much more reliable than amateur translations or sources from “gifted” people. Most dream interpretation books are in my opinion arrogant, based on nothing but the authors biased opinions, or totally focused on doing nothing but making you feel good without addressing the real problems encoded in the dream symbolism.

I can speak from experience that research using surveys is remarkably accurate and should be the foundation of anyone interested in dream interpretation. Anyone who doesn’t exploit this valuable resource is ignoring one of the most insightful and powerful tools in dream interpretation.  In fact, they are ignoring the answer to solving their dream riddles.

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