Dreamed Of Being Pushed Out Of Tall Building

The dreamer is very nervous about her first date with a guy she likes.

The Dream

“I was in a hotel suite on the top floor of one of the world’s tallest buildings and a mysterious caretaker pushes me out its window. ”

The Interpretation

Buildings in dream represent our perspective on a situation.  If you are on the top floor of a building it reflects a higher state of consciousness or emotional exhilaration.  If you just got a first date with a guy you like this would be a perfect metaphor for how you feel right now.  You are “on top of the world.”

The caretaker that is with you in this room at the top of the building represents how you are acting and feeling as you try to maintain this mental state.  You are a trying to keep this guy liking you so he doesn’t call off the date or think something is wrong with you.  He reflects your attempt to deal with your nervousness about “blowing it” with your date.  The caretaker pushes you out the window most likely to reflect your fear of making a serious mistake that would embarrass you in front of your date and stop him from liking you.

I would take the dream as a sign that you need to try harder relax and be yourself.  If this guy doesn’t like you for who you are then he is not worth your time.

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