I Keep Dreaming Of A Person I Rarely Speak To

The Dream

“I keep dreaming about a certain person.  He is just a friend of mine..not even really a friend.  Just someone I talk to once in awhile.  Lately, I keep having a dream where me and him are together.  I don’t even understand where the dream comes from..why do I keep having dreams of him?”

The Interpretation

Dreaming of any person that you know or recognize represents a quality in yourself or an aspect of personality based on your most honest feelings or memories of that person. People in dreams are personal symbols that are unique  as not everyone is going to have the same opinion about a person.

In order to know for sure what a person means to you, you need to spend time thinking about what memories or feelings stand out the most about them and try to see how that may symbolically apply to your current life situation.  For example, if you dream of a person you know that always makes you laugh when you’re feeling depressed they may symbolically reflect something you are doing to cheer yourself up when times get tough.  Bullies in dreams may reflect powerful insecurities or feelings of being forced to step aside.

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