I Dreamed About A Child Dying

The dreamer has recently decided to make a difficult choice to end a marriage that they feel can’t be resolved.

The Dream

“I remember my little girl ran onto the road and screaming at my mom to catch her.  But, she didn’t get to her on time and she ran straight onto the road and a car was speeding down the hill. I clearly remember the impact of the car hitting my child and her body flying through the air and I reached for my phone to phone an ambulance, but I already knew she was dead.”

The Interpretation

Children in dreams represent aspects of ourselves that we have potential.  In your case the child may reflect your belief that the marriage still has potential to succeed.  You see your child hit by the car and die to reflect your afterthoughts about signing the divorce papers and realizing that it is too late to save the marriage now.  You want to call an ambulance, but realize it’s pointless because this reflects your last gut feelings about wanting to salvage the marriage and realizing that it’s pointless.

The dream is a sign that deep down you probably still have feelings for your ex-partner, and may be having conflicting feelings about ending the marriage even though you may feel it’s in your best interest.

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