Recurring Dreams Of Dirty Bathrooms

 The dreamer was feeling less self-conscious and was making an effort to be happier.

The Dream

“Often in my dreams I’m in a bathroom and its always dirty.  If I’m ever in the shower in a dream it is always clogged with brown water or water with bugs in it. The last bathroom that I dreamed of was painted lime green and it was soggy and warm from a shower that was just taken.  I tried to clean it up and it felt gross to touch the slimy wall.  It was my new bathroom, but whoever had it before me left all their products in it.  What does a dirty bathroom symbolize?”

The Interpretation

Bathrooms in dreams represent cleansing of negative situations or thinking patterns from our lives.  If you are in a dirty bathroom or dirty public bathroom this would represent difficulties is this cleansing process.  Symbolically, it’s reflecting how you are trying to improve yourself under conditions that are unsupportive of that process.  A sign that more effort is needed to confront problems or that a dealing with a problem effectively is simply not possible right now.

The dreams may be a sign that you need try new ideas to deal with an issue or confront people who are making positive change difficult for you.

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