Racoon Family In My Dream

The dreamer is flirting with someone that they feel may be playing with her or sleeping around with a number of women.

The Dream

“I had a dream that I was with a guy I like. We were holding hands and walking around my future college campus.  It was night time. We were laughing and having a marvelous time.  Then in the darkness of the street we saw a family of raccoons.”

The Interpretation

The dream sounds there are two things going on. First your stroll through your future college campus sounds like a symbol for your desire to be with this guy in the future while you care about all the things it takes to build a strong relationship with him. College in a dream usually symbolizes learning new skills or talents. In your case, this future campus is most likely a symbol for your wish to build a relationship with this guy going forward into future.

The raccoons reflect self-awareness that someone is up to no good.  In this case it’s your view of this guy knowing that he’s flirting with you and not being genuine with it.  He may have said or done something that gave you the impression that he might be a player or is purposely playing with your emotions for fun.

The dream is a sign that you should spend more time getting to know this guy so that you can see his true colors.  If you suspect anything at all about him then test that instinct some more.

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