Dreamed Of Having A Lion As A Pet

The dreamer is having an extramarital relationship with a man she finds very dominating.  His  tendency to occasionally binge on alcohol makes him erratic and financially irresponsible. She feels the need to care for him by cleaning and paying his bills.


” I dreamed about a pet Lion.  I would go for walks with it and run and jump around playing together.  The feeling of the joy this animal bought me was amazing.  My husband and family was in the dream.  The Lion I adored each other.  The Lion was about 2 years-old.  In the dream we moved to a house on a large plot of land with no fences.   I can remember saying to myself that the Lion could escape so I started training it to walk with me .  We ran and played together with love and joy.   It felt so free.

The Interpretation

Lions in dreams almost always reflect dominance or control.  In your case this doesn’t seem like a quality in yourself.  It’s most likely a quality you see in this other man that you are cheating on your husband with.

Pets in dreams usually represent someone or something we maintain for our own benefit.  In this case this would perfectly reflect how you care for this other man with what he needs to stay stable.  Like a pet, you feed this man money and your time caring about his problems.  Moving into a house with no fences may reflect how you feel that cheating on your husband with this man is easy to do, but you feel the man you are cheating with has no reason to be loyal to you.  You become concerned that the pet lion will escape because you may feel that your boyfriend will leave you for someone else if you don’t make sure he has to be with you.  You may be fearing this man leaving you and subtlety manipulating him to make sure he doesn’t want to leave you by making his dependent on you.

The dream sounds like a sign that you very aware of your determination to keep this other man happy by helping him financially and looking after his home so that he won’t leave or become interested in someone else.  You may fear him breaking up with you.

The problem I have with the dream is when you see your husband and family.  This may reflect some guilt about cheating on your husband so freely.

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