Experiencing A Sleep Entity?


“Once a year I have a  nightmares about an old woman attacking me in my bed.  She sits on my chest and then I feel myself having scream.  When I do I see the energy from my words sucked out of my mouth in the old woman’s like she is eating my negative energy.  I can’t move at all when this is happening.”


What you are experiencing is called “Sleep Paralysis” and many people experience as something called “The Old Hag Syndrome.”  I have often found that sleep paralysis is symbolically nothing more than a really bad nightmare reflecting feelings from waking life about being trapped in a negative situation that you can’t do anything about.  You feel trapped while also feeling unable to speak up about it.  I can only give you two pieces of advice.

1. To never sleep on your back. For some reason these types of experiences are a lot more common when sleeping on your back.

2. You want to begin to face negativity in your life. This means you need to change your  lifestyle or begin to talk to people about any serious fears or problems you have.

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