Recurring Dreams Of Dialling The Wrong Number Over And Over Again

The Dream

“I’m usually find myself in some kind of panic situation or emergency.  I urgently need to use the phone….but every time I try and dial the number I get it wrong.  I try over and over again, but I always get the wrong number.”

The Interpretation

Making phone calls in dreams symbolizes your attempt to access certain feelings, resources, or experiences. If you can’t get through this represents your feelings of being powerless to force an urgent need for change.  You can’t stop a problem or situation from embarrassing you or scaring you.  The wrong numbers are your inability to make the right choices, get the help you need, or draw on the required resources.  You may have an overwhelming sense of not being good enough to stop something or react to a problem quickly enough.

Calling 911 or for help in an emergency points to a waking life situation that you can’t stand or that you feel is intolerable.  No one helping reflects your feelings of powerlessness to end this problem.  You may have jealousy or fear for which you can’t find a healthy way to alleviate.  The dream may be a sign that you need to open up about your problems to friends or family.  It may also be a sign that you need to remove yourself from unhealthy relationships that prevent you from feeling the way you really want to.

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