What Does It Mean To Dream Of Being Possessed By A Demon?


I had a dream about being possessed by a demon and I couldn’t stop myself.  Am I evil?  What does this mean?


You are most certainly not evil.  More likely you simply couldn’t control yourself for a short period.  Dreams of being possessed by demons usually point to life situations where you were unable to control your jealousy, anger, or need for revenge.  A bad streak in you went uncaged.  Some primal instinct in you that is not normal temporarily went way overboard or tried to hurt someone on purpose.  You may have been consumed by your need to get back at someone that you don’t like or that got on your nerves.  This kind of dream may also reflect a short burst of intense negative intentions or arrogance directed  towards someone you wanted to see embarrassed, upset, or failing hard.

Alternatively, being possessed by a demon may reflect bad habits or addictions that you allowed yourself to succumb to.

A dream like this may be a sign that you need to try harder to practice patience with people, resist bad habits, or try harder to stay away from bad influences.

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