A Woman Dreamed Of Having A Penis

The dreamer has recently broken off a couple of friendships.  She is sexually active with her boyfriend and has just graduated from college.

The Dream

“I am a woman and dreamed of having a penis.  I got so fascinated with my penis that I started to masturbate with it.  I remember thinking that the reason I was masturbating with my penis was because I wanted to see what felt good so I could try it on my boyfriend (who I am very much sexually active with) and I was just plain curious. But, it didn’t feel good.  I think I still had a vagina, but I can’t be sure.  Am I a lesbian or something?”

The Interpretation

First, let me say that you are not a lesbian.  Being a woman and dreaming of having a penis  just symbolizes your feelings of being powerful in an assertive manner.  You most likely just had one or more experiences in life that made you feel more powerful, more in control, and more capable.  You are asserting yourself in waking life or toying with the idea of having to.

The masturbation just symbolizes your “mental masturbation” about asserting yourself.  Pretending or talking to others about how you are going to take serious action without really doing it, yet.  Negatively, you may be too focused on thinking about asserting yourself and not enough on actually making it happen for real.

If you have just graduated from college and broke off a couple of friendships then the penis dream may be a reflection of your attempt to assert yourself in life by no longer accepting unhealthy relationships in your life as you attempt to become more successful.  Telling people to “get lost” or making it obvious that their friendships aren’t welcome.  Especially if these relationships were with people you thought were incompatible with your life or toxic to your well being.

The only negative symbolism in the dream I can find is the masturbation and your dislike for it.  This may be a sign that you are not being as serious as you need to be about asserting yourself and cutting out the negative influences in your life.   It may also be a sign that you don’t like having to assert yourself by ending these unhealthy friendships.  You are spending more time discussing it or thinking it will be easy then actually doing it.

Alternatively, being a woman and dreaming of having a penis and masturbating with it may be a reflection of your inability to “step up” and make a big decision that you need to.  You are feeling good “talking the talk”, but aren’t “walking the walk.”

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