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The number 0 in a dream represents power.  A zero all by itself may reflect the power to choose what you want to do.  Open opportunity.  Zeros coming after a number increases the power of the first number.

Alternatively, zero may reflect nothing or no value.

For example, if you dream 5000 than it represents a change (5) that is (0) is powerful. The number of digits in the number being 4 represents this change being one that is balancing or stabilizing.


The number 1 in a dream represents beginnings.  When you see it in a dream it can mean that something new is starting in the way you think or in your life.

Alternatively, the number 1 can represent confrontation or standing up to something.


The number 2 in a dream represents conflict. Two opposing sides struggling against each other. When you see it in a dream it represents a conflict in your life, or in the way you think or feel.  Different ideas, beliefs or choices struggling with each other.  Arguments or trouble accomplishing goals.

Example: A young girl dreamed of seeing her mother give birth to 2 babies that look just like her. In waking life her mother was pregnant with a second child and the young girl was worried that her parents wouldn't treat her as special once the new baby arrived. The 2 babies in the dream most likely reflected the conflicting feelings of jealousy she worried she would expect once the new child was born.


The number 3 in a dream represents creation or making something happen. Your plans, goals, or intentions are coming to life. Alternatively, the number 3 may reflect a creative process or chaos. There may be unpredictability in your life.

Negatively, the number 3 in a dream may reflect paranoia taken to extreme levels. Feelings about yourself or others having acting in "crazy" manner.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing the number 3. In waking life he was noticing himself doing everything he could to promote his website with multiple advertisements at once from different companies in a big bonanza of promotion just to see what would happen.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing the number 3. In waking life she had been listening to a radio program that made her paranoid about the collapse about the United States Of America and the chaos it would cause.


The number 4 in a dream represents balance, stability, and sacrifice of negativity. When you see it in a dream it's usually pointing to something negative in your life that is being removed.  A removal of chaos or unpredictability.

The reason 4 represents balance is because like the legs of a chair you need four of them to stay balanced or secure.

Example: A man dreamed of being given $400 dollars.  In waking life a vitamin supplement was recommended to him that helped him stabilize a serious health condition.


The number 5 in a dream represents change. When you see it in a dream it means that something in the way you think, or in your life is changing or being shaken up.  Some area of your life is different now.


The number 6 in a dream represents negativity. When you see it in a dream it's pointing to thoughts, emotions, behaviors, or life experiences that are negative.  It may also reflect bad intentions, meanness, greed, or deception.  6 can also represent bad intentions or arrogance.


The number 7 in a dream represents purity, purification, and wisdom gained after facing negativity.  Negative situations are being dealt with or removed.  It may also reflect negative beliefs or habits that are being stopped or cleansed in some way.


The number 8 in a dream represents completion. In a dream it means that something is coming to a close, and about to end.  A final run up to an ending.  It may also reflect feelings of having everything you need or being complete.

Example: A woman dreamed of finding a gold 8 shaped object on the ground and picking it up. In waking life she had been exhausting herself taking care of her sick ex-husband and was beginning to consider ending their relationship as a means to take care of own life better. The gold 8 in this case may have reflected her feeling about how valuable it was to her own life to "wrap up" or complete the relationship by ending the friendship with her ex-husband.


The number 9 in a a dream represents the end. In a dream it means that something is ending or already has ended.  A situation is now over or will never happen again.

Example:  A man dreamed of seeing a girl walking into a house with the number 9 on it.  In waking life he finally realized that his chances of being with his ex-girlfriend were over as she had moved on.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing the number 9. In waking life she was worried about the end of the world and began to make emergency preparations for food because she was a fraud.


The number 10 in a dream represents starting over or a new beginning.   Something has ended in the way you think or in your life.  A fresh start or doing something differently.


The number 11 in a dream represents life situations that carry you or do everything for you.  Power or control that is automatic.  You may feel that a person or situation always knows what you want. Feeling that life is doing what you want for you.  Luck or coincidences all coming together to your benefit.

Spiritually, 11 stands for co-creation or cooperation with god.

To dream of 11:11 represents automatic power or control that is always happening at all times.  People or situations that are always doing things for you.


To dream of the number 11:11 represents the power to control or fix whatever you want. Life seems to do whatever you want all the time.


The number 12 represents constant problems or the inability to escape conflict.  Living with trouble.  You may be surprised that a problem will never go away.

Example: A man dreamed of living in house with the number 12.  In waking life he was dealing with a severe illness that would never go away.


The number 13 in dream is symbolic of confrontation with chaos.  Feeling forced into state where you never know what is going to happen.  Facing your problems or experiencing bad luck.


The number 14 in a dream represents confrontation with something balanced or stable.  Positively, it may reflect your inability to lose in the face of opposition that wants nothing except your failure.  Negatively, 14 represents the feelings about something being impossible to get rid of no matter how hard you try.

Example: A man dreamed of his enemy living in a house that was numbered 14.  In waking life he couldn't embarrass his enemy no matter what he did behind his back.


The number 15 in a dream represents facing change. Living with the consequences of a change that has occurred in your life that you couldn't stop.

In a positive sense it points to problems that go away on their own or good things that begin to happen with no effort. Feeling good about bad people finally deserving to stop doing something you don't like. Vain people facing their karma. Changes that erase vanity.

Negatively, 15 points to living with problems you didn't want to deal with. Often pointing to arrogance that embarrasses you or a loss of status or power. Confronting your own vanity or ego in unpleasant challenges. Becoming a complete loser after first having showed off that you are perfect winner. Feeling forced to make concessions to people you've never had to make them to previously. Making small changes in order to keep arrogant leverage over people who are trying to escape it. Awareness of yourself becoming a total snob to people who were previously more powerful than you.

Confronting your enemy who has become so vain that they want to enjoy watching you becoming a total loser. Confronting people who are starting to reveal their true character that wants to enjoy being better than you before all else. Confronting the truth of why people are fake. Confronting jealousy in others that doesn't like you if you are better than they are in any way at all. People who enjoy thinking they are better looking than you are to your face. Ignorant competition to be better than other people. Feeling kept down in life or competed with by vain people who are jealous of you getting bigger than them. Confidence in being right with enemies who will risk everything to destroy you anyway.

Ignorant vain homosexual jealousy. Ignorant petty jealousy. Ignorant wimps losing power that will resort to childish behavior to stop you from achieving bigger power than them.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing the number 15. In waking life he was having weird feelings about experiencing President Barack Obama starting to remove the embargo on Cuba. He felt the embargo was totally arrogant and that the US was only changing it's stance on Cuba because they felt forced to make a concession to attack Russia who is Cuba's ally. In this case the number 15 may have reflected the man's feelings about America confronting it's past arrogance because it had no choice.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of seeing the number 15. In waking life he had been the smartest kid in school in grade 9. In grade 10 he got an award and had to endure all his classmates making fun of him for being the smartest person in his grade.


The number 16 represents confrontation with negativity (1+6). Negative thinking patterns or life situations are being removed or confronted. Achieving power you have never achieved before because people were stopping you.

The reason 16 represents confrontation with negativity is because the 1 symbolizes a confrontation and 6 represents negativity. Symbolically you are facing your problem.

Confronting people who have completely lost all power and don't want to admit it, or wish to try to steal your power from you once you achieve success.

Example: A man had recurring dreams of seeing of seeing a home with the number 16 on it. In waking life he was having recurring experiences of having to confront problems from his past that he had forgotten about.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing the number sixteen. In waking life he had been obese most of his life and was finally experiencing himself on a diet that worked causing dramatic healthy weight-loss. He was finally confident about himself after spending most of his life insecure.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of seeing the number 16. In waking life he had lost a lot of weight and was becoming very good-looking after spending much of his younger years being called fat and ugly.


The number 17 represents facing or confronting purification.  This reflects negative situations or negative beliefs that are being forced away without a choice.

You may have no control over a situation that's forcing you to change or confront an issue. It may also represent a threat that forces you to think different.   

Negatively, 17 can be a a sign that you are at risk of not doing enough to deal with negative situations or problems before being forced to.  There is no escape from this process and you can expect to face fears or karmic debt in some manner.

When 17 appears in a dream you should take it as a warning that you need to begin to face negativity in your life like never before. Be proactive. You want to actively stand up to fear, resist desire, and care for and respect other people.  Confront problems head on.  Failure to do this could result in unhappiness or a loss of power and status.

The number 17 gains it's meaning from numerology by using 1 and 7 to symbolize confronting purification (1+7).


The number 18 in a dream confrontation with completion or moving on with your life.

In positive context the number 18 represents the freedom to do as you please, choice, or free time.  The worst of a negative situation is over now and must do something else to move on.

Negatively, the number reflects difficulty moving on or fear of doing so.  Feeling forced to grow up too fast or move away from something you are used to.

Alternatively, 18 may reflect total freedom of choice or a lifting of restrictions.


The number 19 in a dream represents confrontation or facing the end.  You are starting to experience the end of a situation or the "end of an era." Change may be forced on you permanently. Having to let go for good.


The number 20 in a dream represents conflict with power.  Your power or freedom may be turning on you in some way.  You may be struggling to get your power back.  You may also be confused with which direction to take to achieve power.


The number 21 represents conflict with confrontation.  You may have a problem standing up to something.


The number 22 in a dream represents total control over a situation. Total control over other people. No fighting. Mastery over your life. Some area of your life where there is no competition. Enemies failing or surrendering with ease.

Negatively, 22 may reflect uncomfortable feelings about too much passivity from competition. Feelings that something happening to you is too easy.


The number 23 in a dream represents conflict or problems with a chaotic situation.  Too many things happening at once.  Your own creativity at odds with others.  A battle of ideas.

Negatively, 23 may reflect a problem with your creativity or being original.


The number 24 in a dream represents conflict with balance or sacrifice.  You are struggling to bother fixing negative situations or bad habits.  Not wanting to make a change for the better.  It may also reflect recurring problems with something you've already fixed in your life.


The number 25 in a dream represents conflict with change.  You may be struggling to deal with a big change in the way you think or your living situation.  You may also be experiencing too much change at once or feel forced to change.  Life may have surprised you with a change.


The number 26 in a dream represents conflict with negativity.  You are struggling to deal with negative beliefs, habits, or situations.  Fighting a recurring problem or your own bad intentions.  Struggling to do the right thing.

Example: A man studying to be a priest dreamed of standing outside a house with the number 26.  In waking life he was struggling to resist sexual desire and stay abstinent.


The number 27 in a dream represents conflict with purification.  You may be struggling with a cleansing process or feel that a big change is way too much for you.  Feeling like a loser or empty inside because you can't rid yourself of something.

Example:  A man dreamed of the number 27.  In waking life he couldn't overcome a disease no matter what he tried.  No drugs, no vitamins, no medical procedures would cure him. He was exhausting himself fighting his illness.


The number 28 in a dream represents conflict with completing something.  You may be having difficulty as a problem or situation is coming to a close. Not wanting or not able to finish something.  Alternatively, you may have issues with coping with the finality of a situation.


The number 29 in a dream represents a conflict in your life with something that is over. You may be having difficulty giving up when it's good idea or are "beating a dead horse."  Trying hard to fight against something that is totally gone and pointless.


The number 30 in a dream represents the creation of power (3+0).  You are doing something that gives you power, control, or status.  Alternatively, 30 may reflect chaotic power or power gain from a chaotic situation.  A power vaccum.

Negatively, 30 may be a sign that you are earning power and other people don't like it.


The number 31 in a dream represents the creation of confrontation.  Instigation or going out of your way to face something.


The number 32 in a dream represents creation of conflict. Making a problem worse or choosing to suffer with your problems. Sulking.

Negatively, the number 32 may reflect the intentional creation of jealousy.

Example:  A man dreamed of walking into a house with the number 32.  In waking life he was beginning to get lonely and was choosing to do nothing about it.


The number 33 in a dream represents unexpected chaos. Frozen areas of your life are progressing unexpectedly. Stagnant problems you've complained about or could never do anything about are suddenly creating uncertainty with the potential to solve them. Instability that must be addressed.

Negatively, 33 means you are seeing your problems manifesting themselves into your life as unpleasant experiences through unintended consequences. Alternatively, 33 represents the intentional creation of chaos to keep others confused and controlled.  Manipulating others into stupidity or chaos.

Positively, 33 may reflect you or someone else that is an unexpected game changer. A crisis that is creating a need to address a problem that would otherwise never be addressed.

Note: The number 33 is used by the Illuminati because for their uses it symbolically represents intentional disorder. They create political chaos in the world on purpose to force changes that help them move towards taking over the world.

Example: A young girl dreamed of her mother saying "33" before being shot by her. In waking life she was considering getting rid of friends she thought were bad for her, but felt it could end up making her life worse by having intentionally created a situation where she had no friends at all. 33 in the dream may have reflected her feelings about intentionally creating an unpredictable social situation for herself by taking a chance on dumping her friends for new ones.


The number 34 in a dream represents creation of stability or balance.  Noticing yourself or a situation intentionally making problems go away.

Negatively, 34 may reflect chaotic balance.  Order out of chaos.

Example:  A man dreamed of going into a house with the number 34.  In waking life he was making plans to buy life insurance for his family so that if something happened the family's financial problems would be solved.  34 reflected his awareness of his idea creating the solution to his family's problem.


The number 35 in a dream represents creation of change.  You or someone else that is making a change.  Going out of your way to change something or knowing that you actions will result in a change.

Negatively, the number 35 may represent chaotic change or change that can't be controlled.


The number 36 in a dream is one of the most negative numbers that you can dream of. 36 represents the creation of negativity. You or someone else that is making a problem worse. It may also mean that you or someone else is going out of their way to be negative. Bad intentions, purposeful deception, anger, or violence. Scaring others.

Alternatively, the number 36 may reflect chaotic negatively.  Negative situations or negative peope that can't be controlled at all.


To dream of the number 37 represents the creation of purification.  You or someone else that is intentionally forcing a cleansing experience.  Making sure that a problem has to go away.  The intention to fix something for good.

Negatively, 37 may reflect chaotic purification.  Getting rid of something for good with an unusual method or high degree of uncertainty.


To dream of the number 38 represents the chaotic completion.  Never knowing when something is going to end because there is so much going on or so much to do.  Feeling that every other thing happens except what you want or need.

Positively, 38 could represent "creating completion" or forcing something to wrap up without knowing for sure when it will end.


To dream of the number 39 represents a chaotic ending.  

Alternatively, 39 may represent a blind will to end something.  Forcing something to stop without caring how it stops. Throwing "everything including the kitchen sink" at a problem or situation to make it stop.


To dream of the number 40 represents a situation in your life where balancing, stability, or security is being established in a way that has never happened before.  Secured power.

Positively, a problem is being cancelled out or fairness is being restored.  You may feel safely out of harms way or away from a chaotic situation.  Power or security restored.

Negatively, the number 40 may reflect closure that is occurring that other people may not like.  Hard feelings left over now that you are securely independent.

The 4 represents balance or stabilization, the 0 reflects power.


To dream of the number 41 represents the balancing of confrontation. Not feeling that standing up for yourself or a cause is important anymore.  Relaxing from a confrontational attitude.


To dream of the number 42 represents the balancing of conflict.  Fighting with people or issues is dissipating.  A resolutions, agreement, or truce has been found.


To dream of the number 43 represents the balancing of chaos.  Rational thinking is returning, fighting stopping, or a crazy situation is smoothing out.


To dream of the number 44 represents a balancing or harmoninzation process that is slowing down or becoming more comfortable.  Problems may have been going away too fast and you are now adjusting.

Negatively, 44 may represent a balancing or harmonizing experience that is stopping.


To dream of the number 45 represents the balancing of change. A chaotic experience or unexpected even may be coming to a close. Excessive or stressful amounts of change are beginning to slow down.

Alternatively, 45 may reflect a change of method is how a problem is fixed.


To dream of the number 46 represents the balancing of negativity.  Problems, bad habits, or negative situations are beginning to get a lot better.  Feeling good noticing bad things in your life going away.


To dream of the number 47 represents the balacing of purification.  A reduction in forced cleansing is occurring.  Change, cleansing, or improvements that had to happen without a choice are beginning to slow down.


To dream of the number 48 represent feelings that you can't avoid always having something else to do. Wrapping up of a situation that is endless. Always working towards getting something overwith, but never finalizing it.

Positively, the number 48 represents getting a lot of things done that you couldn't get done before.

Negatively, the number 48 may represents feelings of frustration or annoyance that you can't fix something for good. There is always something else to do.


To dream of the number 49 represents feelings that a situation has to end no matter what. A secured ending to a waking life situation that has never completely finished properly. Feeling that a prolonged situation will finally be over with for good.

Positively, 49 may reflect feelings about getting a "get out of jail free card" for a troubling situation. An easy ending.


To dream of the number 50 represents change in your life that is causing conflict. You may be struggling to deal with a change, having difficulty adjusting, or finally being forced to confront something you don't want to. Change that you feel you can't do anything about. Forced change or change you have to put up with.

Positively, the number 50 may represent feelings about having to do something different that doesn't feel special or important.

Negatively, the number 50 may represent feelings about a change being a little bit dangerous or risky. Not wanting to waste a new opportunity.  Feeling that you are growing up.


To dream of the number 51 represents a change in how you confront issues. Addressing a problem in a new way or with new resources.

Alternatively, the number 51 represents confrontation with the results of a new achievement. Getting what you wished for and dealing with consequences of it.

Positively, the number 51 may represent adjusting to new circumstances.


To dream of the number 52 represents changing conflict or redirecting jealousy.  Changing how a fight works.  Making a change that causes someone else to be jealous.


To dream of the number 53 represents changing the method of unpredictability in a situation. Changing chaos to a new form. Alternatively, 53 may reflect a change in your creative focus. Choosing to be completely original in a new way.

Negatively, the number 53 may reflect a redirection of chaos instead of fixing chaotic situations. Intentionally using chaos to manipulate people. Alternative new chaotic choices instead of choosing stability. Choosing to be a "crazy jerk" in a new mean way instead of choosing to be rational. Adapting to your enemies with new chaotic attacks after old chaotic attacks stopped working. A very serious motivated attempt to avoid stopping being dangerous to someone else.


To dream of the number 54 represents a change in the way a situation in held secure. Changing security measures or the ways you protect yourself. Changing the foundation of a secure or stable relationship.  Deciding to change a situation to make it more secure.

Negatively, 54 may reflect an arrogant attitude that is changing the way it protects itself dishonestly. Alternative measures to secure illegal behavior. Changing the methods used to avoid having to change something wrong you are doing.  Making changes to stabilize a situation that are excessive.


To dream of the number 55 represents changing how changes are made in manner that causes conflict. A change made in the middle of another change. Making a new change because the first change didn't work the way you want it to. Feeling stupid about a change you made so you decided to make a different choice.


To dream of the number 56 represents a change in how a negative problem or situation is acting. A bad situation turning in a new direction. It may also reflect a change in your own bad behavior or how your enemy acts. Feeling that something that doesn't like you is adapting. Attempting to change a bad reputation. Attempting make a bad situation right.

Negatively, 56 in a dream may reflect a dishonest attempt to alter a negative situation. Desperation to clear your name of wrong doing.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing the number 56. In waking she had been embarrassed in the news media across the entire country with false information and she was desperate to clear her name.


To dream of 57 represents feelings about situations where the method of perfectly removing problems is changing. Finding alternative methods to "sterilize" a problem. Changing the way you solve serious relationship conflicts. Changing something permanently or "for good." Proving yourself forever or "once and for all."


To dream of the number 58 represents a change in how progress is experienced.  Accepting a completely new way to attempt finishing something. A change in priorities.

Negatively, the number 58 may reflect awareness of yourself wasting your time to avoid embarrassment and then changing the method of time wasting once confronted with your time wasting. It may also reflect problems focusing on specific issues. Changing from one hopeless causes to another hopeless cause.


To dream of the number 59 represents the experience of change in your life coming to an end. Something different happened and it's now reverting back. It may also reflect an ending to a long process of change.

Positively, 59 represents a difficult or long awaited transformation that is over.

Negatively, 59 represents a positive change that is ending or has been lost. Losing a pleasant change of location, having to be around people you don't like again, or feeling stress returning. Losing your good luck or feeling that something good that happened will never do it again. Jealousy that you can't get your good fortune back.


To dream of the number 60 represents negative or arrogant conflict never experienced before. Lies, cheating, dishonesty, arrogance, or fighting beginning to surface. A dangerous moment or social interaction that is starting.

Positively, 60 in a dream may reflect your discovery that someone is not being honest with you or isn't really your friend. Realizing you have to stick up for yourself because someone has gone overboard disrespecting you. Something that feels dangerous you must confront that you have no choice about. Discovering corruption.

Negatively, the number 60 may be a sign that you want to pay someone back for their dishonesty or disrespect. It may also reflect your feelings that you are better than someone else and want to prove it in big way. Feeling good being arrogant. Awareness of yourself lying, cheating, or disrespecting others. The discovery of broken promises. Awareness of yourself beginning to think dangerously. Choosing corruption.  Experiencing yourself or someone else totally humiliating themselves being dishonest. Obvious dishonesty that ruins people.


To dream of the number 61 represents a negative confrontation.  Standing up for yourself with bad intentions or violence in your heart.  It may also reflect lies, deception, or intense anger as you finally stand up to a person or problem.  Caring about nothing positive, gentle, or honest at all for a problem you are confronting.  Rules, friendship, or family is not a priority as you try to win no matter what it takes.  Knowing your being bad or arrogant while facing a problem.


To dream of the number 62 represents negative conflict. Arrogant fighting, dangerous arguments, or vicious name calling. Trying to hurt someone on purpose. Knowing you don't like anything about someone at all and want to stop them. Jealousy with no rules. Feeling that a problem is now too personal to put up with anymore. Telling yourself "This is now war." Not caring what you do to someone as long as you win.


To dream of the number 63 represents negative creation or negative chaos. A bad situation starting to get a little bit crazy. Lying, cheating, or fighting that is starting to get out of hand. Dishonestly or dangerously starting something you can't predict or control.


To see the number 64 in a dream represents a negative sacrifice or negative balancing.  An unpleasant or ingenuine experience of cleansing, repair, or fixing.  You may feel that something unpleasant is dragged out for a long time.  You may also feel that something unpleasant is totally unfair.

Alternatively, 64 may reflect lying, deception, or violence as a way to harmonize a situation.


To dream of the number 65 represents a negative change.  Feeling that a change is terrible or that someone has made a change with the intentions of you not liking it.  A change in your life that hurts your feelings.


To dream of 67 in dream represents a negative purification. This points to negative thinking patterns or life situations being totally removed in a manner that is unpleasant or that feels unfair.

Alternatively, 67 may symbolize anger, deception, or violence as a way to remove a problem for good.


To dream of the number 68 represents a situation that is negatively finishing. Not caring about anyone else's feelings while having to allow progress. Jealously or angrily giving permission. Intentionally making a progressive situation unpleasant or more difficult than it needs to be. Progress that results in insults or hatred. Achieving a goal that you wanted, but losing friends because of it.


The number 69 in a dream represents negativity in your life that's over. Balance.  It reflects negative situations in your life stabilizing.


To dream of the number 70 represents purification of problems that requires you to fix it yourself.  The cancellation of negativity or arrogance in ways never experienced before.  Arrogance is gone in your life in some way, but it requires you to restore stability or rebuild your life on your own.

Purification of problem that is both good, but challenging. Fixing your problems while other people are jealous if you doing it. A grumpy attitude about having to permanently fix something yourself.

Fighting to force something negative to change. Feeling challenged to force positive change that have never happened before. Purification that isn't liked and can't be stopped. Permanent positive change that you can't endure all on your own.


To dream of the number 71 represents purification of confrontation. Assertively trying to stop someone from standing up for themselves or disagreeing with you. Feeling that someone wants to stop you from standing up for yourself or disagree with them.


To dream of the number 72 represents the experience of purifying conflict or the slow removal of a problem that you have become accustom to never going way.  Feeling that you finally never have to fight anymore.  72 may also reflect a feelings about an unfair fight becoming fair.

Negatively, 72 may reflect feelings about how terrible it is to finally have to face conflict you don't want to deal with. No longer being able to avoid a conflict.


To dream of the number 73 represents preventing chaos. Assertively trying to stop or prevent a chaotic situation. preventing chaos. Restoring order to a chaotic situation.

Alternatively, 73 may reflect stifling creativity. Aggression towards people with new ideas. Stopping someone from taking a risk.


To dream of the number 74 represents the perfect removal of something stable or stubborn in your life. Defeating a difficult person from obstructing your goals. A need to perfectly humiliate or neutralize someone who is jealous of changing.


To dream of the number 75 represents life situations where you are experiencing the cancelling or reversal of change. Restoring a situation to it's previous state by all means. No concern for other feelings while you store a situation to it's previous state. Perfectly humiliating an vain jerk or corrupted person.


To dream of the number 76 represents the purification of negativity.  Sterilizing a problem or someone else's bad behavior permanently.  Punishing arrogance.


To dream of the number 77 represents reversal of eradication. Trying to stop someone who is trying to perfectly defeat or overpower you. Trying to stop someone from making you unimportant. Perfectly overcoming people or situations that want to completely embarrass you. Beating someone or something that wants to make you completely change yourself.

Negatively, dreaming of the number 77 represents shock that someone would attempt to stop you from stopping them. An enemy that wishes to perfectly eradicate you while you are trying to perfectly eradicate them. Catching your enemy trying to destroy you and then making efforts to permanently humiliate them for it. Creating a disaster for someone who tried to make your life a disaster. Your attempt to totally embarrass someone that wants to force you to grow up, mature, or make an important change.


To dream of the number 79 represents assertively forcing an ending to a situation to stop. Making an enemy or difficult person permanently stop doing something. Assertive efforts to keep or continue something that was close to be lost. A perfect ending by your own standards and someone else's.

Negatively, 79 represents fear of of losing something for good. Overbearing attempts to stop a situation or relationship from ending. Difficulty moving on. Forcing your views or intentions on others. Last minute changes to stop a permanent ending. Anger or aggression to stop something.


To dream of the number 80 represents situations that may overwhelm you with having to complete them. A challenging situation involving attempting to finish something. A difficult clean up job. Feeling that people or problems keep getting in your way of trying to clean up a problem.

Jealously trying to make progress at all. Feelings about authority figures, bosses, or parents always giving you more work to do with no definite end in sight. Fearing the possibility that the need to improve will never end.

A difficult situation is now over and you must work hard to clean up or move on with your life.


To dream of the number 85 represents situations where you are trying to orchestrate a large change. Feeling very involved in implementing a change that requires a lot of work. Feeling overwhelmed by the work required to complete a change. Anxiety that you will not have enough time to change something important.


To dream of the number of 88 represents feelings about progress that feels too easy. So much progress that you are overwhelmed by it. Rushing to get something finished. Opportunities to make progress that you don't want to waste. Feeling overloaded with success and possibilities.

Negatively, the number 88 in a dream may reflecting feelings of wasting time trying to finish something. Feeling that something infinitely impossible to finish. Feeling unable to focus or finish one specific thing because so much is happening. Feeling overwhelmed by work, plans, or projects you can't finish. Feeling pressured to make progress or pressuring others to make progress. Frustration with too much work to do.


To dream of the number 89 may reflect situations where "time is running out" for you to complete something. A closing opportunity. A very busy moment or hard work schedule is over. Progress has stopped completely.

Negatively, 89 may reflect feelings about excepting your fate or that it's too late to try winning. Feeling that you will never get another chance to finish working on something important to you. Feeling cut off forever from improving something that you were very focused on.


To dream of the number 90 represents the ending of power in a manner that causes conflict. Enemies losing all power and creating a power vacuum. Feeling yourself losing power which create problems for others. A significant weakening in some area of your life that may have not happened before. A new era of power that brings trouble or new challenges. Not liking that reality of something ending in your life.


To dream of the number 95 represents the end of change.  Positively, 95 may reflect the loss of an uncomfortable change or moment in your life.  Negatively, 95 may reflect the feeling of progress fleeting.  You experience something different, bu tit's gone now.


To dream of the number 96 represents situations where negativity or arrogance is ending. Intentionally ending a negative situation. Feeling relieved that a unpleasant or unfair situation is ending. Feeling good losing weight. Feeling good becoming more physically attractive. Feeling good becoming popular after not being popular for a long time. Enjoying the worst part of your life ending. Enjoying struggles ending. Enjoying jealousy ending. The ugliness or unfairness of life is going away.

Example: A young man dreamed of the number 96. In waking life he spent most of his young life being fat and ugly. He was finally losing weight and becoming more attractive to girls.


To dream of the number 97 represents situations where you are stopping fixing, cleaning, or correcting something. Stopping arrogant or corrupt people from enjoying fixing their problems. Feeling that it's time to relax being serious confrontations or problem solving. Taking a break from situations where you feel you have no choice about being a jerk for a good cause. The ending of policing or strict enforcement.

Negatively, the number 97 may reflect jealousy that you can't fix or correct something. Intentionally ending a positive growth experience. Deciding to stop protesting. Giving up fixing something dangerous or important. Caving in to your enemies by never taking an open opportunity to destroy them. An arrogant attitude about ignoring or stopping opportunities that would make powerful positive change. Assisting bad people and helping them avoid consequences that they deserve.


To dream of the number 99 represents feelings about having to do something else. Finally wrapping up an ending. Feeling that it's time to do something else or get ready to take a chance on something new that you've never done before. The absolute last moment.

Positively, the number 99 may represent total acceptance that some area of your life is over and that it's a good idea to try something new. Feeling interested in new ideas or taking a chance on something new that you've never experienced before.

Negatively, the number 99 may represent emotional difficulty letting go. Not liking having to face the very last moment of a situation that will never happen again. Feeling forced to take a chance on new ideas or move on in ways you have never done before.

To dream of .99 cents or a denomination of money with .99 in it ($1.99, $9.99) represents the consideration of a choice to stop doing something. A person or new circumstance may be interesting you in stopping what you are currently doing.


To dream of the number 100 represents a new beginning that is different than anything you've done before.  It may also reflect taking action or standing up for yourself.  Doing some new on your own not done before.

Alternatively, the number 100 may represent perfection of a situation or achievement.  All of something.


To dream of the number 120 represents confrontation with a significant problem or struggle while being resourceful or powerful.  Not knowing what is going to happen, but feeling confident fighting.


To dream of the number 146 represents situations where you are confronting the most stubborn problem or person being totally arrogant to you. Lie, cheating, stealing you are experiencing someone else doing to never have to be honest towards you. Your worst enemy knowing they've lost their power and doing everything to slow it down.


To dream of the number 147 represents confrontation with stubborn problems or people finally being totally overpowered. Your worst enemy being forced to lose all their power, leverage, or advantages.


To dream of the number 149 represents jealousy of losing permanent security or confidence. Confrontation with situations where losing is very unusual for you. Losing leverage over opponents that you have grown accustom to. Showing weakness or losing for the first time.

Negatively, 149 may reflect situations where you are confronting someone who is aware of the their guilt or arrogance towards you and finally has to stop while never wanting to.

Positively, the number 149 may represent a success after fighting a long and unbearable challenge that has never shown weakness once. Total disbelief that you've finally overcome your worst enemy.


To dream of the number 152 represents confrontation with change that feels impossible to fight. Possibly a sign that you or someone else is fighting a bad habit. Attempting to make a change that you know will not be accomplished easily. It may also reflect confrontation with a change in your life that you feel causes more problems.

Negatively, 152 represents excessive change or feeling that if you make a change that chaos or fighting will start in your life. Feeling that too much in your life is changing and that you can't stop it. An unending barrage of new problems because you wanted to make someone else happy by doing something different.

Positively, the number 152 may represent a change that is very challenging and requires you to stick with it for a long time.


To dream of the number 175 represents situations where you are faced with an uncomfortable purification or cleansing experience that's finally weakening. Feeling there is finally hope for positive change after experiencing yourself being forced to remove some area of your life that you didn't want to. Feeling that an "asshole" in your life is finally letting up on you. An alternative option to facing a terrible situation full strength.

To dream of having $175 dollars may point to feelings about having the power or resources to choose to redirect an unpleasant losing experience or slow it down. The power in your life to mitigate an unpleasant loss.

To dream of something costing $175 dollars may reflect feelings about what required of you personally to change a terrible feeling situation. Sacrifice or comprises needed to reduce the severity of an unpleasant loss.


To dream of the number 200 represents initiating conflict in your life that is different than anything experienced before.  Creating fights, conflict, disagreements.  It may also represent problems are being made worse on purpose.


To dream of the number 222 represents a chaotic about of conflict.  Conflict or struggling that is no stop with no boundaries.  Fighting that seems to have no end.


To dream of the number 250 represents conflict with change never experienced before that may feel chaotic. Dealing with a lot of change all on your own that may feel excessive. A willingness to accept a large amount if change without anyone else's help. Doing something new that changes your life significantly in ways that may be challenging.

Negatively, the number 250 may reflect situations where you are dangerously taking on a lot of unexpected change without any help. Getting in involved in something new that may appear crazy to other people if they found out about it. Keeping a high stress change event to yourself. Too much passivity during an unusually difficult moment of change. Large amounts of change that may feel to chaotic to control.


To dream of the number 266 represents a moral dilemma that you are fully aware of yourself ignoring. A conscience awareness of thinking something you are doing is wrong and then making it worse anyway. Fighting with yourself about whether or not to change a negative habit you have and then purposely choosing to commit an act that makes the negative habit even worse. An "iffy" situation that you purposely make worse.

Examples of waking life situations that may encourage dreams with 266 in them may be lying, cheating, or stealing that makes you insecure, but then for whatever reason you do it worse than ever before.

266 in a dream may be a sign that you are purposely putting off positive change in the interim because acting negative feels too good or is too hard to change.  Telling yourself that you'll change your bad ways, but then purposely never do it until you absolutely have to.


To dream of the number 300 dreams feelings chaotic situations that are so completely out of control that you can't do anything about them.  Feelings about expecting oro experiencing the most chaotic event of your life.


To dream of the number 312 represents the creation of jealousy that never goes away. Caring about embarrassing someone for good. Taking the time to ensure that someone permanently faces karma that you feel they deserve.

Alternatively, the number 312 may reflect spontaneity or crazy behavior being used as a weapon to face someone who will do everything they can to keep you jealous. Overcoming your enemies with totally unexpected behavior.

Example: A young man dreamed of the number 312. In waking life he totally embarrassed his abusive father with humiliation in front of the entire family as means to get him to stop controlling his life. The father was totally shocked that his son would ever go to the lengths he did to get away from him.


To dream of the number 333 represents chaos that is non-stop and noticeably out of control. An excessive need to stay focused on alternative choices or new things. No concern for stability or maintenance at all.

Negatively, the number 333 may reflect issues with scaring others that you are far more unpredictable than they are. A fear that chaos or unpredictability will never stop. Dishonesty or wacky behavior that is highly unusual. Feeling required to behave in a way that is completely out of your nature in order to initiate something. Feeling required to do something completely out of your nature to make someone respect you.

Alternatively, the number 333 could represent excessive amounts of creativity. Trying too hard to be more interesting than other people.


To dream of the number 400 represents balancing of problems that is being initiated or started. Fixing something in your life that has never been fixed before. You may be taking matters into your own hands to force stability or a correction of some kind.


To dream of the number 417 represents feelings about sticking with confronting your problem. Maintaining the will power or patience to keep facing a long term difficulty.

417 may appear in a dream when you are trying to get the strength to overcome a bad habit like smoking or losing weight.


To dream of the number 444 represents chaotic stability. Stability that never goes away no matter now crazy you get trying to break it down. Feeling that a problem never stops no matter what you do on constant basis. Feeling that something is impossible to be as stable or secure as it is.


To dream of the number 450 represents a stubborn refusal to change no matter how crazy or chaotic a situation becomes. It may also reflect a need to stabilize a change made under chaotic circumstances. A refusal to change your mind once a decision has been made even if it causes conflict or difficulties. Unexpected changes that you or others staunchly refuse to reverse.

The number 450 may be common in dreams of people who are experiencing difficulty accepting a relationship break up or an unpleasant decision someone else has made.

Example: A woman dreamed owing someone else $450. In waking life she was having sex with a male friend for 14 years and he suddenly decided he only wanted to be friends and end the sexual aspect the relationship. He staunchly refused to reverse his decision no matter how hard she tried to restore the sexual relationship.


To dream of the number 500 represents the initiating change in a way that has never happened before.  Making change happen.


To dream of the number 555 represents uncontrollable change that doesn't stop. A domino effect of change that one started can't be stopped.

Positively, 555 in a dream may reflect a very unusual opportunity in your life to make a lot of change at once.  People who stopped you in life dying.  Receiving a unexpected large sum of money that fixes all your problems.  Total shock at how quickly your life can completely change for the better.  Changing every single thing in your life with no concerns about how crazy it might look to others.

Negatively, 555 may reflect a non-stop revelation of lies and keeps forcing more truth to come to light than you are comfortable with. An unraveling of truth that is uncontrollable. Everything you ever lies about is being exposed one lie after another. Feeling stupid having accept an unraveling of changes that you don't like.  Anxiety about too much change in your life happening at once that you can't control.


To dream of the number represents feelings about negative or dangerous situations that are chaotic. Arrogant competition with no clear ending in sight. Jealous competition for an end goal where cheating, deception, or violence are being used. A chaotic situation where people openly think they are better than each other. Disliking yourself having to act like a "total asshole" or jerk towards others in order to achieve a goal. Uncomfortable situations where nobody wants to be nice to other.

Positively, 600 in a dream could reflect dangerous or negative use of a resource for creative purposes. Arrogant creativity.


To dream of the number 642 represents a negative or arrogant balancing of conflict. The end of a fight that is embarrassing, uncomfortable, or leaves both sides losses they do not like at all.

Alternatively, the number 642 may reflect intense anger, jealousy, or a need for revenge that drives you to end a problem with no concern for emotions. A cold heartless solution to a fight or struggle.


To dream of the number 666 represents the experience of non-stop negativity. It may also reflect you or someone else that cares about being negative, deceptive, or mean all the time. Constant intentional negativity. Purposely being negative or dangerous.

Alternatively, the number 666 may reflect your feeling that something is evil, corrupt, or having be trusted at all. It may also symbolize subordination to a negative cause or embracing bad influences.


To dream of the number 700 represents feelings about cleansing, improving, or purifying experiences that are chaotic or unpredictable. Enforcing improvements, justice, or removing negativity under circumstances with uncertain outcomes. Feeling that removing a problem is mandatory while having no certainty that you will remove the problem. Attempting to perfectly fix problems where you lack important information that may help you.

Negatively, the number 700 in a dream may reflect experiences where cleaning or making progress is being attempted in very excessive or "insane" ways. Feelings about yourself or someone else going to highly unusual methods or degrees of motivation to fix a problem. Creatively humiliating people with permanent failure. Eradicating enemies with humor or crazy behavior. Permanently fixing a problem in a way that feels dangerous or risky.


To dream of the number 777 represents purification or cleansing in your life that you feel you have to do all the time. Making yourself fix problems all the time.


To dream of the number 800 represents feelings about progress that is unpredictable. Attempting to finish something in a chaotic manner. Recklessly trying to finish something. Trying to finish something with no plans, instructions, or safety. An unprofessional manner of competing a project or plan. An excessive attempt to force or convince other people to finish something. Repeated attempts to ask for something that may annoy you or someone else.


To dream of the number 900 represents feelings about an ending or closure that feels chaotic. Unpredictably ending something. Alternatively, it may reflect an attempt to use creative skills to plan an unusual ending to a situation.


The number 911 in a dream represents feelings of emergency, life crisis, or an unpleasant challenge. Something you may be desperate to escape.

If you call 911 in a dream it reflects something in your life that you really want to go away.  You can't stand something.  A person or a problem that really bothers you or threatens you.  Confidence, status, or power may be at risk.

If you call 911 in a dream and nobody will help you, this reflects a feeling of helplessness to get rid of a problem or threat.

Example:  A young man dreamed of calling 911 to escape a serial killer.  In waking life he felt unable to get away from a friend that was slowly becoming arrogant about being better then him.  911 reflected his desperation to find a way to outdo his arrogant friend or to find a way to have more power than him.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of trying to call 911. In waking life she felt that her marriage was on the verge of divorce due to her husband's cheating and was desperate to save the marriage.

*Please See September 11th.


To dream of the number 999 represents feelings about chaotic situations with nonstop endings. "Burning all bridges" unexpectedly. Major changes that surprise or shock others. Ending a significant amount of friendships or relationships without warning. A lot of endings in successive order that may be perceived by others are crazy.

Negatively, the number 999 may reflect hasty decisions or desperation to ending something. An excessive decision to end multiple areas of your life to solve an emergency issue.


To dream of the number 1000 represents a new beginning that is balancing a problem in your life. A correction or stabilizing experience that is different from anything you've experienced before.

It may also reflect your attempt to confront a person or problem in a way that's never been done before.


To dream of the number 1500 represents feelings about confronting change all the time as a means to stabilize a situation. A willingness to be persistently honest as a means to delay or prevent further problems. Confronting liars and cheaters who care about nothing accept stopping you. Arrogance and vanity in others that is trying to intentionally interfere with your progress.

Negatively, the number 1500 may reflect allowing or putting up with someone else's dishonesty as a means to prevent worse problems. Sparing yourself difficulty by not respecting yourself with bullies or jerks. Awareness of yourself being a liar or cheater as a means to prevent embarrassment or making a situation worse. Awareness of yourself losing power to something that is unstoppable and inevitable while intentionally choosing to be corrupt to avoid it.


To dream of the number 2000 represents conflict in your life that is stabilizing. Success over enemies or competition which creates a "level playing field" atmosphere. Making bad people jealous in ways that creates fairness or stabilizes a situation. Creating power that makes enemies unable to overpower you anymore.

Example: A man dreamed of the number 2000. In waking life he was disrespected by people he knew for most of this life until his website business took off making him the richest person he knew and forcing all the people that disrespected him to think of him as a perfect winner they could never confidently belittle ever again. He feared losing his successful business because he felt everyone he embarrassed who return to their arrogant attitude towards him. He felt his continued success was the only way to maintain a normal life.


To dream of the number 3000 represents chaos or unpredictable behavior that stabilizes a situation. Positively, 3000 may reflect spontaneity or risky behavior used to smooth a problem over.

Negatively, the number 3000 may represent too much risk being taken to impress others or show others that you care.

Example: A woman dreamed of being given a $3000 watch. In waking life she was felt it was important to surprise loved ones with expensive Christmas gifts to make them feel that she cared about them in a big way even though she couldn't afford them.


To dream of the number 4000 represents rational or balanced actions being taken to ensure that something chaotic or irresponsible never happens again. You may be doing something responsible or fixing a problem in way that you've never done before. Awareness of yourself or others making a very balanced or rational decision to correct something.


To dream of the number 4949 represents the jealousy stabilization of an ending that keeps repeating. Feeling that a problem situation or conflict is the ending stage and then keeps restarting over. Jealousy that you are stuck with enemies that will keep enjoying never having to end a fight. Endless reasons to never have to finish something. A repeating problem that can't end because you are confronting people who think they are better than you and look for reasons to never allow the problem to end because it feels good not to or benefits them.

Example: A man dreamed of the number 4949. In waking life he was having a very jealous conflict with people from his past over the internet. A "time off" period was required to finish this conflict and the people he was having the conflict with kept giving him new reasons that the "time off" period had to restart.


To dream of the number 5000 represents a change in your life that is causing a negative or unwanted situation in your life to balance itself. Change that has never occurred before that restores a situation to a rational state.


To dream of number 6000 represents negativity, total arrogance, or dishonesty is being used to secure a situation. Lying, cheating, stealing, fighting, conflict, immoral sex, deception being used to stabilize a problem. Negative, arrogant, or dishonest behavior being used to stubbornly resist something. Keeping your bills paid with dishonest behavior. Keeping people happy with dishonest behavior.


To dream of the number 7000 represents situations where purification, sterility, or 100% perfect cleansing of negativity is occurring in order to stabilize a situation. Feeling that if you get rid of something perfectly that it will allow you to maintain a relationship or situation.


To dream of the number 8000 represents progress never experienced before that stabilizes a situation. Progress that creates relationship stability because you are trying your best to be serious about something you have long neglected. The simple act of initiating progress that lowers others anger or frustration. "Buying time" by making progressive acts.

Negatively, the number 8000 may reflect dishonest appearances of progress in order to make someone else happy. Lying to someone about progress to keep them happy. Deluding yourself with progressive actions as being the way to maintain stability with a troubling situation. Being too comfortable with talking about progress without any real tangible results. Pretending you are serious about finishing something in order to stop negative consequences.

To dream of winning $8000 may reflect feelings of being exceptionally lucky to have an opportunity to buy time or delay negative consequences with new resources to initiate progressive actions.


To dream of the number of 10,000 represents starting over or beginning something new by making a big change that has never been done before. Starting your life over, moving to take a new job, or making dramatic personal changes.

Example: A woman dreamed of a $10,000 prize that was offered if she could complete a challenge. In waking life she under a lot of stress to relocated to a new US State in order to start a new job and new life. The $10,000 prize may have reflected her feelings about enjoying the possibility of starting a new life if she could successfully relocate for the new job by overcoming the challenges of relocation that made it difficult. The number 10,000 in this case may have refleted starting over a new life with a lot of change required.


To dream of the number 160,000 represents confrontation with negativity in a very dangerous, dishonest, or evil way. Fixing your problems in a way that may be give you a reputation for being dangerous or evil. Fixing your problems in a way that may create enemies for life. Full awareness of yourself fixing a negative problem in a way that more dishonest than the dishonest you are dealing with.

10 Million

To dream of the number 10 million represents powerful or dramatic negative situations where your are experiencing a new beginning. Something new happening that you may find really unpleasant to be unable to control.

Alternatively, 10 million may reflect awareness of yourself having to be arrogant or dangerous in order to make a fresh start.

Example: A woman dreamed of ten million people dying in a city. In waking life she was in the hospital and discovered that her condition had become more serious. The 10 million people dying in the explosion may have reflected her fear of not being able to inform everyone she knew about the negative change in her condition before surgery was to occur. Her fear of everyone she knew thinking she might be dying.

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