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Ferry Boat

To dream of a ferry boat represents feelings about safely being helped navigate through uncertainty with a sense of easy transition towards a different phase of your life. Feelings about being helped through an uncertain situation while safely or comfortably taking your time thinking it's nice or wonderful that someone did it all for you. Feeling that it's someone else's job to help you safely get passed a difficult or uncertain situation. Feeling confidence or trust that you will be helped to make an uncertain transition with ease. Feeling optimistic about being safely carried through a problem situation that shouldn't be a problem with ease. Feelings about simply needing to pay someone to safely or professionally transition through an uncertain phase.

A ferry boat might also represent a sense of direction, progress, and smooth navigation through the uncertainties of life. A conscious adaptation to change and the optimistic anticipation of a new beginning or arrival at a different, potentially better, state of being. The dream might indicate trust in the process and the belief that the transitional journey you are on is necessary and beneficial.

Example: A woman dreamed about herself and her husband riding a ferry towards Angel Island. In waking life, she and her husband were being helped by doctors with in vitro fertilization to get pregnant. In this case, the ferry ride may have reflected her feelings about being safely and professionally aided by the doctors through the uncertain and challenging process of in vitro fertilization.

Example 2: A man had a nightmare of missing the ferry. In waking life, he was expecting an easy transition to a new job and feared potential problems arising that may end up making his new employer give the job to someone else. In this case, the missed ferry may have reflected his anxieties about missing out on an opportunity to safely and easily navigate the uncertainties and potential challenges associated with transitioning to a new job.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being on a ferry, then getting off the ferry, and then seeing the ferry at a distance. In waking life, she was talking to lawyers about fighting a Child Protection Services problem with her grandchild. She called lawyers about the problem, but couldn't afford to pay lawyers. In this case, the ferry may have reflected her feelings about the possibility of being professionally and safely guided through the uncertainty and difficulties of dealing with Child Protection Services.



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