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To dream of gold represents feelings about something in your life having the perception of being valuable that is easily seen. A sense of something in your life being precious that other people believe is precious as well. Feelings of wealth or enjoying having something you value all to yourself. Someone or something precious to you. Valuable opportunities or possibilities that are available to you all the time. Feeling secure in your level of power or freedom to do as you please. A guaranteed experience or reward. A sense of security with something you value. Immense value and importance of the love and commitment you have from another person. Emotional wealth and sense of security. Consider the saying "Good as gold." The potential to make a difference in one's life or the lives of others.

Negatively, dreaming about gold may represent an obsession with material possessions or a fear of losing something valuable. A lack of appreciation for the intangible aspects of life, such as love and relationships. Using people for their perceived value. Greed or a desire for power and control. It may also represent a false sense of security or an inflated ego, where the dreamer believes they are more important or valuable than others. In extreme cases, dreaming of gold may indicate a corrupt or immoral nature, where the dreamer is willing to do anything to obtain wealth and status. Feelings of corruption, excess, or someone being "spoiled" with too much security. Enemies that have secure power. A sense of something in your life being precious possession due to the risk of being stolen. Wasting your time giving people security or strong friendship when they don't deserve any.

To dream of finding gold represents feelings about discovering or attaining something that is highly valuable or precious to you. The realization of genuine power or authenticity in your life. A sense of success or the realization that someone cares about you a lot. A newfound sense of confidence or self-worth.

To dream of burying or hiding gold represents feelings of wanting to hide something valuable or precious about yourself. Not wanting other people to get access or control of something that you feel has perceived value. Not wanting to share something of value. A reluctance to let go of something of personal valuable or important. Needing to protect something valuable or important like a treasure. Being possessive of your own financial wealth.

To dream of gold bars represents redeemable resources or a promise for the future that can be redeemed later on. Something valuable that one wants to preserve and keep safe until they need it. Something that has value that you can be use at a later time. Knowing that if times get tough you could always count on something to help you. Wealth or financial security. Gold bars could be secrets you have, promises made to you, information and expertise you hold, or anything in your life that has value, power, or gives you leverage if needed.

Example: A young boy dreamed of seeing a golden bicycle with golden light coming from behind it. In waking life, he was 5 years-old and finally got his first bicycle. In this case, the golden bicycle may have reflected the young boy's perception of the bicycle as a precious possession due to the risk of being stolen for sense of freedom, independence, and adventure that the bicycle gives him while riding it.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of having gold coins and keys in her hand. In waking life, she was considering giving a lot of money away to a charity that would have a significant impact of the lives of poor people. In this case, the gold coins and keys may have reflected her feelings of the value and potential power she held in her hands through her financial resources.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing someone hand him a plate of gold bars. In waking life he was in prison and the woman he loved promised to be waiting for him when he got out. In this case, the gold bars may have reflected his feelings about the immense value and importance of the love and commitment the woman was showing him. The gold bars symbolized the emotional wealth and sense of security he felt in knowing that someone was waiting for him despite his circumstances.

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