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To dream of a pier represents a positive outlook about uncertainty in your future. Being unsure, yet enthusiastic about situations that you can't predict. A symbol you might see when feel upbeat about moving, starting school, or beginning a new job.

Negatively, a pier may represent your hope for death or something bad to happen before you ever have to face a problem. It may also reflect a naive sense of hopefulness about a future situation you are uncertain of working out perfectly.

Example: A young woman dreamed of standing on a pier looking into the ocean to see dead corn fields. In real life she was very enthusiastic about having just moved to another state, but was realizing that it wasn't as exciting as she had initially hoped.

Example 2: An elderly man dreamed of driving a car off a pier into the water, coming up for air, and then seeing people shaking their fist at him. In waking life he had been putting off surgery for a long time because he feared the possibility of dying from it. After he had the surgery and realized it wasn't that big of a deal he was angry with himself for not having had the surgery sooner.

Example 3: A woman had a nightmare about being out of control while moving down a hill and then crashing into pier. In waking life she was pregnant and fearing problems while going into labor. The pier she crashed into may have reflected her feelings about going into labor forcing her to "crash" into motherhood for the rest of her life.



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